Names are nothing but smoke and mirrors…

…at least the R22 type of names.

The human brain quite limited in remembering things, espacially if it’s an unintelligable string of letters and numbers.

There is a company producing those vacuum cleaner bags. Each cleaner needs a slightly different type of bag, so there is quite a bunch of different bags in  stores.  The company decided to go for this naming scheme:


Problem is, that you don’t buy those bags too often (or at least I don’t), and I find myself in front of those bags asking myself which type I need every time I need to buy some bags . Was it M49, or maybe S71?

Apparently, I was not the only one having troubles remembering the right name, because the company came up with a bright idea countering their little naming problem:


Little shopping memos, which you can cut out and put in your wallet so that you have the right number at hand for your next bag shopping tour.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to give those bags a name that can be memorized  by human beings?

What about capital cities:


Or ice cream:


I think I could remember Strawberry until I stand in front of those boxes next year.

So far…